Study of Identity Crises of Kamala das in her Autobiography “My Story”


  • Prachi Dubey Research scholar (Pursuing Ph.D) Anupam Nagar, City Centre, Gwalior, M.P. India
  • Dr. Charu Chitra Professor of English K.R.G. Govt. (Auto) P. G. College Gwalior, M.P., India



It is true that only a language is a universally recognized means of speech through which an author strives to pour in the rich pearls of his imagination and the great struggle to find compromise through uncompromising wilderness, making the real tale of true identity literature ,Kamala Das protested against the society's prevailing systems. Her insulted feminine self went on emotional wanderings seeking to discover an identity and liberation expressly for her own and for the entire tradition of women in general. Her compassionate interpretation and description of the Indian woman's problem generally naturally turn her into a feminist. The world of "vacant ecstasy" and sterility was vividly visualized by Kamala Das through numerous functional images and symbols in her poetry. She finds herself catapulted into a series of situations where in the hands of male dominance she became merely a puppet.Being bold, through the medium of poetry and writing, she protested and expressed her frustrations, rancor and loneliness. Her poems epitomize the dilemma of modern Indian women trying to liberate her from the role bondage that patriarchal society sanctioned her sexually and domestically Therefore, Kamala Das's voice to seek her own identity is women's voice to fight for better living conditions and equal human rights.


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