Traces of Secretive Ecological teachings in Bible – An analysis


  • C.Fredrick Jorgenson Asst. Professor SRM University, Chennai, India



Holy Bible holds the idea that it is a prophetic vision of the selected prophets of many centuries ago. In general the readers are lighting on anthropocentricism and accordingly this book is meant to teach lessons for the humans and for their salvation. In order to get that from God, a man has to keep God’s commandment and that focuses on the valuable part of human life. By not in a theological and in a humanitarian, then in an ecological perspective it also penetrates the role and functions of nature that exists in men. Thomas Berry, an eco-critic gives the readers a kind of a new interdependence, that might help the ultimate creation split into three types of energy consciousness. That also brings out patriarchal idea of Thomas Berry. Science and Technology also have a part in his new interdependence. This paper deals about the realisation of the hidden ecological teachings of Bible for the humans.


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Berry, Thomas, The Dream of the Earth. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books, 1988. Print.




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