A Female Longing for Independent in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane


  • A. Soniya MA, B.Ed, DCA Asst. Professor Department of English Erode Arts and Science College Erode, Tamil Nadu, India


Brick Lane is Monica Ali’s first and successful novel. Ali was born in Bangladesh and grew up in England. This novel is about a Bangladesi woman’s growth in England. The main character Nazneen, changes from submissiveness to independence. It is a woman’s way of having her own destiny in her own hands. During Nazneen’s life in London, she experiences two kinds of love and the death of her son. She is affected by her sister and her elder daughter. She makes a good friend, Razia, and gets influenced by her. All these factors contribute to Nazneen’s independence.

     Background, which makes Nazneen struggle during her growth, forms what Nazneen is and how she should be when she is born. The process of Nazneen’s struggling signifies the awakness of her independent consciousness. This novel is about a Bangladeshi woman who lives in London. A Muslim woman with traditional thoughts confronts a new environment in western country and is influenced by the new envoronment. One of the most obvious differences between the third-world countries and the western countries is women’s status.


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