Delineating the Double Consciousness and Hybridization in N. Scott Momaday's House Made of Dawn

Exploring the Abel's Fragmented Individual Consciousness as the by-product of Hybridization


  • Dr Madhavi Nikam Associate Professor PG Department of English R K Talreja College Ulhasnagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Mrs Savita Dheeraj Chavan Asst. Prof.(Dept. of English) Smt. P.N. Doshi Women's College Ghatkopar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


The increasing beckons of globalized culture, post-colonial state of affairs have enthused an amorphous characters in the world. Much of the literary works have explored upon the diversity of cultures, miscellany and disintegrated psychology of individuals in the times. Socio-cultural, political and psychological unrest during the World Wars First and the Second has triggered a quest for identity, integrity of life and a sense of dislocation amidst of psychological disintegriety. Art and literature have sought to refract and reinscribe this uncertainty and fragmented personal and collective consciousness to its best possible extent. The postmodern literature, more exclusively, reflected the very crisis of individual consciousness, and mirrored moral-cum-spiritual chaos of the age. Almost, all the novelists have noted this problem of integrating memories and relative aspects of consciousness to unify their whole.

            As stated before, the generations have experienced a kind of formless life conditions, hybridized lifestyle in almost all the dimensions of life such as social, religious, political, educational and moral as well. At most, they have postulated a life scenario what Mikhail Bakhtin would call as Hybridization of life. N. Scott. Momaday, an American novelist, has captured this very essential collapse of individual and collective social consciousness, in Abel's amorphous character in his House Made of Dawn.

            The present research paper aims to interpret these conditions of life under the light of similar theoretical disposition by accessing multiple layers of possible interpretations. It endeavors to explore the fractured individual and collective consciousness in which Abel struggles to fit, collaborate and lead his main course of life. The same would also interpret duality of perspectives Heteroglossia as defined by Mikhail Bakhtin that drive the entire course of novel. The same would postulate an individual's struggle for escape from memories and unify his soul as a whole.


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