Motivational EFL Classroom Strategies and Effective Teaching


  • Mahbubul Alam Lecturer, Department of English Faculty of Arts and Humanities Jazan University, Saudi Arabia
  • Nawshan Ara Rima M.A. in English Islamic University, Kushtia Bangladesh



Nowadays, eminent linguists and teachers training specialists are visiting different corners of the world and prescribing different methods on how to teach English as a Foreign Language effectively. Although their endeavours bring success, sometimes it doesn’t work everywhere well since the urge of learning English depends on the socio-economic and cultural background of a particular country or a specific class society. Consequently, the techniques and the methodologies that work well in a in an advanced country may not suit in a developing country. The same thing may happen in among the economically higher class students and the lower class students even in a developing country. As for example, the lower class students are pre-occupied with the idea that without a good knowledge in English they won’t get a good job and thus, they are motivated enough by their guardians, by their teachers, and by the socio-economic realities from the very beginning of their life and pick up English very quickly. On the other hand, the higher class students don’t think English is a must to get a secured job. Rather, they foster the idea in their mind that even without a good knowledge in English they are able to manage it and lead their life comfortably. Keeping all these facts in mind, we have tried to focus on how to motivate these higher class students and turn their mind to learn English through different classroom activities as a means of effective teaching. Based on the demands of the students, what they really expect from an English teacher and the experience of a teacher in the class, this article attempts to find out a teacher’s own strategies along with some established ones which they can apply in the class to make it interactive and effective.


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