The Politics of Guilt: A Feminist Psychoanalysis of Isabella in Aphra Behn’s ‘The History of the Nun or the Fair Vow-Breaker’


  • Ms. Prathibha P. Research Scholar Department of English, Farook College Affiliated to University of Calicut, Kerala, India



Guilt, Reputation, Gender Asymmetry, Freud, Psyche, Social construct.


The paper attempts a feminist examination of the complicated psychology of Isabella in Aphra Behn’s novel The History of the Nun or The Fair Vow Breaker. Isabella leads her life according to her own will but is grief stricken and disillusioned towards the end of the work. She repents her sinful past and conquers everyone’s heart. Negative stereotypes are rewritten in this literary production. Redefining female villainy as a form of victimization, portraying how the actions of 'wicked' women are often the end result of their confinement and suffocation within male-dominated ideologies form the crux of this paper. 


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