Pitch Range in Discourse, for female RHD participants


  • Dr. Agniva Pal Assistant Professor Amity University India




This paper conducts a cross sectional study on 4 Bangla speaking RHD (right hemisphere of the brain damaged) participants at the level of discourse (controlled conversation, in lines of narrated stories being retold by the participants), along with 4 age and gender matched controls. We looked at the pitch range in discourse, for these participants. Pitch range is the difference between the highest pitch and lowest pitch points used in the course of a discourse. The ability to modulate the pitch of voice is attributed to the right hemisphere of the brain and damage to it causes inhibitions in the ability to modulate the minimum and maximum pitch. This is important because we convey a lot of information through the use of pitch. Loss of information in speech, in terms of pitch information is very common among stroke patients, if there is damage to the right brain. The loss of pitch information in voice is manifested in a manner such that individuals without training or resources and tools would find it difficult to understand RHD issues.


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