Tradition and Modernity in the plays of Vijay Tendulkar’s


  • Dr. Devendra Kumar Tiwari Guest faculty MMMUT, Gorakhpur, India



Present paper is a holistic attempt to focus on depiction of tradition and modernity in the plays of Vijay Tendulkar. One might also say that modernity is an economic force with social, cultural, and political correlatives. Tradition is a cultural force with social, economic, and political correlatives. Vijay Tendulkar in his plays reveals not only traditional but also modern trends. He has made an amalgamation of tradition and modernity in his plays. They are intertwined with tradition and modernity. In Tendulkar’s plays, one can clearly see his acute observation of life. The event and incidents depicted in his plays have their origin in real life. While projecting the social reality, he uses the fine balance between tradition and modernity. Tendulkar is not a traditional but a new (modern) playwright.


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