Transcultural Society in A Post-Colonial World


  • Dr. Aseem Tripathi Assistant Professor Department of English K.S. Saket P.G. College Ayodhya, India



“Transcultural” is a term that refers to the life style of the people from different culture or national communities. It indicates movement across time, space and other cultural boundaries. Transcultural society is a group of people, living as a community, where different culture, religion and language work together with much understanding. It is a society which extends through all human cultures. It is an ideal of freedom embracing all the peoples of the world. Transculture is different from multiculture, Inter-culture and cross culture. Multicultural society is relating to different culture in which people live along side one another, but each cultural group does not interfere in another culture and it has no unnecessary interaction and engagement with each other. While interculture is the exchange of culture. Intercultural society has deep understanding and respect for all culture, where no one is left unchanged because every one learns from one another and grows together. One more type of society comes under post-colonial world and that is cross cultural society. It deals with the comparison of different cultures. In cross-cultural communication, differences are understood and acknowledged and can bring about individual change, but not collective transformations. In cross-cultural society, one culture is often considered ‘the norm’ and all other cultures are compared or contrasted to the dominant culture.


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