Global South and the Narratives of Dissent: A Cross-Cultural Perspective


  • Dr. Syed Wahaj Mohsin Associate Professor Department of English/Languages Integral University Lucknow, India
  • Ms. Shaista Taskeen Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in English, Vinayaka Mission University, Salem, Tamil Nadu, in 2009, India



It will not be incorrect to refer to “Global South” as a blanket term rather than an umbrella term that has both an enormous and complex structure. Innumerable nations of this world have been tagged as the nations belonging to the Global South. This demarcation between the Global South and the Global North is an ever-deepening abyss that has serious consequences in terms of global citizenship and harmony. The binary opposition between the Global North and the Global South cannot be blurred unless the privileged populations of the economically sound nations begin to realize that a majority of the people living in the Global South are competent, modern, rational, urban and civilized. A clichéd image of the South as wild, uncivilized and inferior must be abandoned to obtain an authentic outlook.


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