Beyond the Hills, A Vision, Silence


  • Srima Nandi Department of Humanities Supreme Knowledge Foundation Group of Institutions Mankundu, Hooghly, West Bengal,India



The gentle zephyrs

blows across the tarmac

And lifts my spirit

to its altar of life.


The fluffy clouds

 in the hills yonder,

Caresses the milky sky,

displaying moments of childish gestures.


A serene lake in

the yonder hills,

Creates tiny ripples of joy

and a harbinger of simple pleasures.


The birds fluttering their wings,

fills the meadows

 With their melodious strain,

spreading messages of peace and love.


An architect of webs,

the grey spider

Weaves intricate patterns

of subtle unknown flawless art.


I wish I could fly into

the wide blue yonder,

 And make a rendezvous

with the Almighty there, and


Speak to Him of dreams unfulfilled,

of hopes and aspirations unsurmised.

In the yonder hills, a bright future lies

a life of peace and harmony under the blue sky.


The foudroyant sun peeps yonder hills,

and smears the sea with crimson shrills.

The waters incredible silence and the playful brills,

makes the yonder hills a place of thrill.


The orphic nature in the hills beyond,

with marigolds and chrysanthemums all profound

Makes my querencia filled with strength abound,

a place of quietude and stillness around.




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