Grotowski‘´s Poor Theatre: An Experiment in Theatre


  • Dr. Bipin Chandra Uniyal, Assistant Professor English Head Dept. of English Bal Ganga Degree College Sendul, Kemar Tehri Garhwal, Uttrakhand, India



Concentrate, Experiments, Spontaneity, Institution, Exercises, Invention, Technique, Creative.


This research paper is about Grotowski‘´s  poor theatre. Before Grotowski‘´s there were many theatre, but these theatre were not suitable for Grotowski‘´s purpose. Before Grotowski‘´s theatre there were Schechner‘´s Environmental theatre, Stainslavaski‘´s  Experimental theatre, Meyerhold‘´s  Avant-grade theatre, Alexander Tiraov‘´s  Kamerney theatre, Brecht‘´s Epic theatre, Judith Malina and Tulian Beck‘´s Living theatre, Bread and Puppet theatre by Peter Schumana. During the 1960‘´s a voice of deploration came by a number of persons, who demanded the abandonment of every element of the theatre borrowed from other media and not really required. This leading exponent was Jerzy Grotowski‘´s Poor theatre.


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