Sukru Jani: A Legendary Protagonist In Gopinath Mohanty’s Paraja


  • Savita Kumari Asst. Professor Department of English Prarambh State Institute of Advanced Studies in Teacher Eduction Jhajjar, Hariyana, India



Paraja is a marvelous historiography of the tribal community known as Paraja and the people living in the deep forest area surrounded by river and ponds. It narrates the atrocities laid on the family of a tribal person by the money lender and the forest guard and exploitation of poverty-ridden Sukru Jani. Though he is illiterate he stands like a pillar against the social power systems which marginalize the people living in the backward region following the rites and ritual inherited from the tradition. The government agencies and the village landlords exploit the tribal people who surrender to their cruel plans due to the lack of knowledge and ignorance. However it is shown through Sukru Jani, the protagonist, who is a representative of the many symbolic tribal people, that though poor and illiterate, they are sensible and wise to measure the ills done by the high caste people and when the time asks for, they can take drastic action against the person responsible for their misery and ruin.


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