Corruption as Responsible Factor for Poverty in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger


  • Md. Abullais Assistant Professor Department of English D. C. College, Hajipur B. R. A. Bihar University, Muzaffarpur & Research Scholar Department of English Patna University, Patna



Corruption, Poverty, Political system, Social status


Adiga has written the novel The White Tiger in the phase of his career when India was facing problems of corruption, moral depravity deceit. In the realistic portrayal of Indian society. He has canvassed to us a class of people where are social status are being determined by economic status.  In his debut novel. The White Tiger, Adiga exposes the real but ugly face of India’s heart of darkness, mainly the rural India, Indian political system and government machinery.  Politicians and bureaucrats misappropriate public money. Politicians and bourgeoisie follow the colonialist tendencies of exploitative methods. Adiga points out the problems of corruption facing by the people in India. The White Tiger expresses the power of the rich and their domination to the poor.


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