Applied Transcendentalism


  • Anand T Chahande Assistant Professor Department of English New Arts, Commerce & Science College Wardha, Maharashtra, India


Transcendentalism, Individualism, Aphoristic, Renaissance.


 Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) was an 19th century American writer.  Most of the literary work of Ralph Waldo Emerson has a strain of Transcendentalism.  The essays of RW Emerson are spiritual and aphoristic by nature, albeit, different from English writer Francis Bacon.  The writings of these essays paved the way for American Renaissance and heralded a new era in American Literature. Though most of the ancient literary writings have a message to society and its people, yet, the philosophical concern of these literary works is mostly ignored.  The thoughts expressed in the essays of RW Emerson were not meant for ornamental purpose but for the reformation of society. However, his philosophy is not adorned throughout and some dissents are expressed, of course vaguely. The entire mankind has been besieged with evils and ills since the beginning of civilization. The hatred, anger, disregards to ethics, immorality, cruelty, corruption and degradation of human values all these evil aspects featured in the everyday life of a man. The paper envisages application of ideas to lead a contended and serene life. 


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