How Beautiful! If I Get Back My Childhood Days!


  • Dr. T.Ramesh Babu Assistant Professor (A) M.A., PGDWM, B.Ed., M.Phil, Ph.D. Department of Humanities & Social Sciences JNTUA College of Engineering Pulivendula YSR Kadapa Dist. Andhra Pradesh, India



 In the present poetry the poet speaks about the days which were gone in 1980s those are the beautiful days and how one could live like a butterfly, playing very freely without bothering about time, whether it is day or night, boy or girl, caste or religion ignoring all these one could live amicably with everyone. In those days one could reach schools  by bullock carts or cape carts and few on foot from far places with barefoot. In 1980s one could play in the rain with paper boats and making toys with clay and playing with all these toys. In those days one wouldn’t have any kind of attracted gadgets like smart phones or tabs, electronic gadgets so, one could enjoy freely without any hurdles. Here,the poet has expressed, how one could enjoyed during the summer at grand mother’s home and what kind of games were played, how one could chase the wild rabbits and bores during the summer days at orange grove and what kind of drinks were taken to quench thirst at chasing time and so on. In those days one could pray for the God for others too because people were very affectionated and lovable. That is why, the poet wishes to get back those beautiful  childhood days once again. Because the present generation does not have all the above said things and it is like a mechanical or robotic life what they have been having.



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