“Mohaserah” of Ahmad Faraz as an Exemplum of Resistance Poetry


  • Dr. Mohammad Tariq Assistant Professor of English Department of Languages, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Integral University Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India




: Rebel Literature, Resistance, Memento Mori, Lambent Pen, Exemplum Of Resistance.


The present paper is an introduction of Ahmad Faraz in English and a critical study of his great poem “Mohaserah” (Siege). “Mohaserah” is one of the master pieces of Faraz which requires a wide range of hermeneutics. After Ghalib, Iqbal, and Faiz, he is known as the most influential poet in Urdu humanities. His famous collection is hugely celebrated as “The Bible of Love”. “Mohaserah” is an exemplum of rebel literature which glorifies the integrity of lambent pen. Ahmad Faraz calls himself a sinning poet of righteousness in the bad times and considers poetry a source of creation. Faraz in the poem exposes the classical medieval imagination. “Mohaserah” censures the attack on the freedom of speech, human right and integrity. Glorifying the poet’s pen, the poem ends on a very optimistic note.



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