Plight of Daksha: Identity Crisis and Communal Violence in Final Solutions


  • Himani Sharma Assistant Professor Deptt. of English PMN College Rajpura, Punjab, India



Hatred, Religion, Alienation, Identity, Memory, Mob.


Mahesh Dattani is one among India’s avant garde dramatists. He worked as an actor, director, playwright, dancer and screenplay writer. He is one of the most serious contemporary playwrights writing in English. He is a master of language. He can express what he wants to say in any language. Throughout his dramas, he acts like a spokesman for all the marginalized people. His popular play ‘Final Solutions’ deals with the theme of communal hatred and violence. Exploring the issues of religion, hindu-muslim conflict, gender bias, generation thinking gap, Dattani seems to show the inner conflict inside each character in Play. Among all these characters, we sympathizes with Hardika the most. Her dear ‘Diary’ makes the things clear and we learn that she has witnessed this communal hatred for long time.


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