Journey of Savitri From Birth to Young-Age: Tale of a Legend in Sri Aurobindo’s Epic “Savitri”


  • Dr. Sumit Kumari Dahiya Assistant Professor of English Sh. L.N. Hindu (PG) College Rohtak, Haryana, India
  • Ms. Harshita Chikkara Assistant Professor of English Sh. L.N. Hindu (PG) College Rohtak, Haryana, India



Savitri Yoga, Legend, Divine, Satyawan, Committed, Predestination


Yoga leads to right knowledge and right knowledge makes right action possible. The struggle and the victory are the hard core of poetry “Savitriâ€. The legend Savitri’s birth and childhood are far from conventional. Her girldhood is a wonder. She is a king’s daughter. But she masters sculpture and painting, music and architecture, dance and poetry and many other arts and crafts. She is divine and outspaces her friends. She is a divine beauty and nobody dares to claim her. She is free to choose her husband. Savitri leaves her parent’s home, her palace. She visits many places and many woods. She is attracted towards Satyawan. He tells that he is a son of king, but a king no more. Savitri becomes sure in her decision to marry Satyawan but before this, she wants to return to her parents to tell them about her choice. Inspite of being intimations of future, she is committed to her chosen path.


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