Making and Breaking of Mythos in Kanthapura by Raja Rao


  • Chesta Yadav Guest Faculty Pannalal Girdharlal Dayanand Anglo-Vedic New Delhi, India



Myth, freedom struggle, Cast System, Sthala-Purana


Raj Rao is one of the best Indian writer in English. He is one of the foremost writer whose works is placed in Indo-English literature. Kanthapura earned him international acclaim. The novel portrays the period of the India during 19919 to 19913. Kanthapura and its action represent whole India during that era. The novel is perfect combination of myth, legends and folk tales. This paper attempts to show different myths prevailing in our society and how Raja Rao accepted some myth but on the same time how Raj Rao was standing against some myths of society


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