A Himalayan Love Story by Namita Gokhale as a Novel of Resistance by the Protagonist in Pursuit of Emancipation


  • Harshita Chhikara Assistant Professor, Shri Lal Nath. Hindu College Rohtak, Haryana, India
  • Randeep Rana Professor Department of English and Foreign Languages Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak, Haryana, India




Love, especially unrequited love, has been the backdrop of numerous novels. A Himalayan Love Story by Namita Gokhale also has unrequited love as its central theme. This theme further helps to deconstruct the sexual confines of a woman, which helps her in her quest for identity. Namita Gokhale in the novel, A Himalayan Love Story, deals with the aforementioned theme presented in such a way that the familiar seems unfamiliar and we see it through a different lens, with a new perspective. She manoeuvers the classic theme of unrequited love into pursuit of emancipation for Parvati, the protagonist of the novel. Suppression of sexual desire often leads to mental illness. In this novel, not only Parvati suffers from mental but also a whole generation of females before her, for instance her mother died of mental illness. This mental illness is symbolic of subjection of women. Insanity in Parvati is suggestive of atrocities done to her by her homosexual husband and the society as well. The novel is an account of women’s tenacity, endurance and unwavering spirit against all odds. The beauty of the novel lies in the celebration of sexuality on one hand and rebellion against it on the other. The paper critically examines the subjugation of Parvati leading to her mental illness and her resistance against suppression in pursuit of emancipation and identity. The paper also tries to explore the psychological workings of the female psyche, which shapes their attitude and demeanor.


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