A Study of Cross-Culturalism in Derek Walcott’s “Ti-Jean and His Brothers”


  • Nadiyah Khushboo Ph.D. Research scholar Department of English Sarvepalli Radakrishnan University Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Dr. Kulanthy Samy Associate Professor Department of English Sarvepalli Radakrishnan University Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India




Caribbean, Plurality, Identity Crisis, Decolonization Colonialism.


The verifiable disengagement of the Caribbean Islands has suggestions for the social orders that have risen. The unplanned method of the "disclosure" of the spot and the fierce way of occupation by the colonizing powers have offered ascend to what a few researchers allude to as an indistinct society. Except for the indigenous Indian populace which was to a great extent quickly annihilated, the occupants of the Caribbean either moved or were persuasively shipped there. With this combination of individuals of various races and strict convictions and with various thought processes of being in the Caribbean, it was hard to make a typical Caribbean ethos, particularly, given the major disparities made by the organization of subjection. The target of this paper is to look at the suggestions these chronicled real factors have on the Caribbean social framework and at last on its writing, especially regarding the sensational structures. The technique is to initially investigate the essential content – TiJean and his Brothers – and afterward have response to important basic materials trying to additionally explain regarding the matter. At long last, it is discovered that these recorded predecessors have offered ascend to the making of a plural society with various arrangements of social qualities existing next to each other the other. This social assorted variety as reflected in Derek Walcott's play, Ti-Jean and His Brothers is talked about in this paper.


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