Social Realities of Higher Education in the Age of Uncertainties


  • Dr. Smita R. Deshmukh Principal Shri Shivaji Arts and Commerce College Amravati, Maharashtra, India



Higher Education, Students, Social Realities, Value Education, Corona, Information and Communication Technology, Knowledge Society.


Education is an enlightening experience and social process. The new social realities, particularly the interplay between democratization of education emergence of knowledge, society and globalization greatly influence the educational process of all societies. There exists a paradoxical situation of limited higher education opportunities and a large pool of unemployable educated in India.  This is partly a result of the failure of our education system to develop the competencies required for the world of work.  Such competency to face epidemics of Corona and value education, i.e., sensitivity, the ability and a skill to do job or business, is expected outcome of any good education system. The student should realize that they have the right for quality education as well as quality healthy life and they also have learning responsibilities to enable the institution to provide quality education.  The students and staff should mutually reinforce their efforts for quality education.  The 21 century is an age of accelerated change, the age of ICT that is Information and Communication Technology. We are happy to welcome 2020 which presents a powerful message that this is an age of Knowledge, age of Quality at the same time we are facing covid 19 corona in this age of Uncertainties.  In this scenario, higher education is essential for survival.  We are having in an important and epoch-making age.  We look at higher education for solutions.



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