The Logical Problems of Hindi Speakers while Learning French as Foreign Language


  • Rajesh Kumar Assistant Professor French, Amity School of Languages, Amity University Chhattisgarh, Chhattisgarh, India



As we all know, every human being has LAD (Language Acquisition Device), which helps to learn, to understand and to speak a language. We all human being learn or understand at least one language by birth, which we call mother tongue or first language and it comes with feelings inside us automatic. If we think something in our mother tongue, then we can describe it very easily, without any hesitation. To speak or to understand mother tongue, there is no need to learn or study properly, it comes from inside. But while learning a second language or foreign language we face many challenges, like: mother tongue influence, social background, cultural background, pronunciation, medium language and teaching methods too.

In this article I want to focus on some problematic points of French Language. Learner coming from Hindi Speaking background, which they have faced during whole learning periods. Some points vary person to person, but some points are same and some points change with time. At every learning phase there are different problems. For beginners there are some other problems and another side for next level learners there are some other problems. These problems vary not only with learning phase but also vary with age groups, because teenagers learn more than their experience-literally, so they have different types of problems and other side adults learn not only in class room rather they learn with their experiences too, so they have some other types of problems.

Every language has its own grammatical rules to frame the sentences. Speaking part of French Language is a bit complicated; because it is totally different from other language. In this article we will read about some logical differences and barriers, which are affecting capacity of Indian learners.


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