Information and Communication Technology in Education: Innovations Methods in 21st Century


  • Dr. Suman Assistant Professor, Institute of Teacher Training and Research, BPSMV Khanpur Kalan, Sonepat, Haryana, India



ICT is emerging as a big stimulating force and there is urgent need to integrate ICT with education because of several opportunities. In view of ICT, education can be classified in four main categories. Emerging challenges for ICT use are related to infrastructure, teacher, capacity-building, technical support, language and content. Cloud computing, e-learning, M-learning, Web 2.0, Simulation are newer examples of way of technologies that can be made integral part of educational institutions at a mass level.

“Technology is the non linear tool for accelerated economic growth, and the foundation for the sustained development of the nation.”

APJ Abdul Kalam, 2010


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