Between Old and New: Flanerie at the Limits of Modernity in Orhan Pamuk’s A Strangeness in My Mind


  • Rupayan Mukherjee Ph.D Scholar, University of North Bengal, West Bengal, India



Modernity, Flaneur, Material-lived, Dasein, Liminal.


The present chapter locates the flaneur in the tension of tradition and modernity in the seminal novel A Strangeness in Mind by the Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk. The flaneur is a predominant archetype in the literary and cultural imaginary of Modernism. As such, rather unsurprisingly, the flaneur plays a significant role in the subsequent explorations of the salient traits, juxtapositions and the nuances that constitute the event of modernity. The evaluation of modernity often involves an inevitable exploration of the performance and essence (often inseparable) of flanerie. The present paper proposes to explore this interspersed relationship between flanerie and modernity through a strategic reading of the novel. The chapter will substantiate Mevlut, the boza seller protagonist in the novel, as a flaneur who is the embodiment of Turkish modernity. The chapter will argue that the perpetual status of Mevlut as a hyphenated self who is characterised by the interplay of apprehension-appreciation and is unconditionally hospitable to the contingence of the temporal-spatial substantiate him as the flaneur in the novel. In doing so, the chapter will also identify the essence of Turkish modernity and will locate it in departure from the unanimous notional conjecture of modernity as progress.


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