Man and Nature: The Everlasting Bond


  • Dr. Cynthia Catherine Michael Associate Professor& Head, Department of English, Fatima Mata National College (Autonomous), Kollam, Kerala State, India


Nature, Ecocritism, Children, Ecology, Eco-conscious.


Interdependent relationship between man and nature in Ruskin Bond’s short stories can be come across. Emphasis is given to the protection of animals and trees. He exhorts man to return to the lap of nature.  The stories are powerful enough to stimulate and inspire children towards nature. It is important for all to be aware of ecocriticism as a movement in literature.  The author highlights the human threats to nature like deforestation and quarry mining. Village life brings contentment and the people derive joys out of nature. Nature becomes a character in Ruskin Bond’s stories. This study focuses on the relationship between man and nature and the need to enlighten children about preservation of nature through literature.


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