Impact of Casteism in Dalit Women: A Contextual Study of Jyoti Lanewar’s “Mother”


  • Benlin Anand S S MA, NET, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



Dalits, Caste, Education, Women.


The intention of this article is to bring out the effect of casteism over dalit women who are suppressed as a dalit and also as women. This article shows light on the oppression imposed over the dalits in daily basis, which is prevailing even today in every possible forms. This article also deals with how “Mother”, as a woman was also gets affected by the patriarchy, which includes men of so called upper castes and lower caste and also how she was abused by her husband. The self-respect of the dalits and also the unnoticed hard work of them for the development of the country from healthcare to infrastructure is also discussed in this article. Education is the only way which helps dalits to rise their voice out of the oppression over them. This poem “Mother” deals with every aspect of dalit life and their constant struggle to come out of it.


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