Dimensions in Teaching Skills and Learning Skills


  • Divya Deevi Research Scholar, Asst. Professor in English, VNR Vignana Jyothi Instititute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, India
  • Kavi Bala Brahma Chary Lecturer in English (Retired), Hyderabad, India




Teaching skills- Learning skills- New dimensions- Cater the needs of education- Classroom management- Skills of explaining- Constant development- Learning a continuous process.


Teaching skills and learning skills existed even in the ancient times, though the terms were coined at a later stage. Dire necessity forced the ancient man to learn skills like hunting animals for food. As mankind was heading towards new civilisation, teaching skills found a place in society. Saints demonstrated skills in education as well as in warfare to princes. These teaching skills and learning skills have taken new dimensions to cater the needs of changing trends in all fields. Teachers exhibit skills like classroom management, use of black board and skill of explaining. Drastic changes have taken place in learning skills as well. Some people like craftsmen learn skills without formal education. But modern education demands organised classroom study. So, students have to acquire learning skills like concentration, punctuality and discipline. However the modern trends and necessities in education require constant developments in teaching skills and learning skills. The learning process has no end. It starts from childhood and lasts till death. This paper deals with various aspects of teaching skills and learning skills which are inevitable in education.


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