Marriage is a Mirage


  • Dr. Hemanth Kumar Mekathoti Assistant Professor in English, Malla Reddy Engineering College (A), Hyderabad, India
  • Dr. Narasinga Rao Barnikana Asst. Prof. of English (NPIU/TEQIP), Department of Humanities Samrat Ashok Technological Institute, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh-464001, India



Women, traditions, patriarchal customs, human relations, gender discrimination, marriage, self- identity, freedom.


Indian female writers attempt to depict the problems of women in the modern society dominated by male chauvinism and in rural India in particular, touching the feministic sensibilities. These female writers handle astonishing variety of themes. Among the women modern writers of fiction Kavery Nambisan occupies a unique place for more than one reason.She has begun her literary career by writing numerous children’s books. Female characters in her novels truly feel that love and marriage are not mere accidents but it is a trap and a cage where emotional stress haunts them through lack of care, bondage and love.

The character ‘Shari’ of Kavery Nambisan’s second novel Mango–Coloured Fish (2000), is a young girl, who is caught in a complex, entanglement of uncertainties and disillusionments, and she has different notions about the institution of marriage. Nambisan successfully depicted the contemporary younger generation pre and past marriage dilemmas and ordeals effectively and lively. The protagonist Shari wants to trace out her self-identity and freedom in this world and this is clearly presented in the novel Mango –Coloured Fish.


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