Science and Technology: An Aid in Building Human Resilience


  • Dr. Sheeba Himani Sharma Associate Professor, Department of English, St. Andrew’s College Gorakhpur, India



Human, resilience, science, technology.


Since inception, human race has always witnessed pandemics, disasters and wars, but it is the resilient spirit that has brought us this far. With each passing devastation, we rebuild ourselves and stand even stronger than before. Although there are numerous factors that help to inculcate resilience within humans, Science and Technology have ever remained faithful and have suggested promising ways using which we could combat our ‘unseen enemy’ today and even in the past. Today, at this hour, when the world is overburdened by the chaos of COVID-19, people are looking up to Science and Technology for the ways they can offer to eradicate this disease from the face of the earth. As it is rightly said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, it can be safely concluded that Science and Technology are boosted by resilience. The human race has found the best of its innovations while undergoing some very troubled times. The current crisis in front of us is the situation now where the world has been segregated and people have been isolated. But thanks to technology that is knitting us close together. On the other hand, Science is playing its part to help discover effective drugs, improve human immunity and all this is being done to ensure the smooth running of human civilization. This paper intends to bring into view the notable contributions of Science and Technology that are today being used and exploited extensively in light of this pandemic outbreak.


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