Alienation and the Dilemma of Man in Eugene O’Neill’s The Hairy Ape


  • Dr. Anum Mirza M.A, PH.D., JKSET, J&K, India



Alienation, Existential Dilemma, Sufferings, Identity


Eugene O' Neill, an American playwright was born into a troubled and an upset family on October 16, 1888. Eugene O’ Neill had a quite precarious, wobbly and uneven adolescence as his elder brother was an affirmed alcoholic whereas his mom was a drug addict. This research paper analyzes the alienation, dilemma and the futile struggle of man in the quest of his identity. O'Neill followed the course of a superior and advanced writer looking for a profound focus in the entirety of his significant works. His perspective on humankind in his dramatizations is basically sad and heartbreaking. The author needed to cause man to feel free from all worries and inhale outside fresh air and build up a feeling of having a place in the general public in which he lived. However, it was impractical.


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