The Theme of Diaspora in the Novel of Jhumpa Lahiri


  • Ranjeeta Kumari Research Scholar, University Department of English , T.M.B.U Bhagalpur, India



Diaspora, Identity, Multiculturalism, Alienation Immigrant.


The paper on the Indian Diaspora, discussion of multiculturalism in relation to the theme of alienation, identity and multiculturalism in the novel of Jhumpa Lahiri. The term of “Diaspora” is used to refer such people or population to leave their own homeland and settled down to another place which is so far from their own traditional homeland. Jhumpa Lahiri writes about Diaspora and alienation and between the memory of homeland and the new land, the immigrants are in a permanent mental and emotional war between the myth and customs of the old world and; freedom of the new one. In her novel, “The Namesake “(2004), she writes about the generation gap between immigrants, conflict of east-west beliefs nostalgia, cultural displacement loss of identity, alienation and despair.


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