Multiculturalism in Kavita Dasvani’s Lovetorn


  • Dr. Ganesh Vijay Kumar Jadhav Head & Assistant Professor, Department of English, Dhananjayrao Gadgil College of Commerce, Satara, Maharashtra, India



Multiculturalism,diaspora, transnationalism, alienation, home etc.


Multiculturalism is a mechanism of interconnected ingredients and their experiences with each other as well as with the present world. It is a kind of respecting others’ very existence and identity. In specific ethnic minorities especially the women and low caste people are not identified with their self or existence. Respect is the practice which teaches to treat others with some reverence and modesty. It protects and values the dignity and social worth of an individual. It also acknowledges the social differences, because every group has its own specificity. Multiculturalism considers it because the minorities’ contribution to the society is empowering the society and taking it to a position of next and better destination. Uma Parmeshwran rightly argues in her article, “Home is home where your feet are, and may your heart be there too” that “literature can play an important role since literature not only reflects persistence and change in society but also can lead society to a better appreciation of its multicultural and ethno-centered fabric. The ethnic emigrant writer either writes about the country in which he is presently residing, like the main stream writers do, and thus try to be like ‘them’ or he can write about his ethnic world and be different” (31). In the present paper the major focus is on the multicultural aspects in context with various situations. Characters behaviour in different multicultural situations is the angle of analysis of the researcher.


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