Representation of Kashmiri Women in Naseem Shifaee’s Selected Poems


  • Dr. Rumana Ashraf Cluster University, Srinagar, Kashmir, India



Patriarchy, Kashmir, Women, Culture, Power, Language


The paper undertakes examination of selected poems of Naseem Shifaee’s  translated in English by Neerja Mattoo  by focusing on female identity . Literature looks at humanity with a questioning as well as affirmative gaze, disapproving and approving at the same time, reaffirming stereotypes as well as breaking them. Throughout ages narratives in Kashmir have revealed the inbuilt discrimination and biases against women. Cultural space for women is highly restricted in Kashmir. In spite of their marginalized position Kashmiri women made themselves heard ,undeterred by established womanly restraints interrogated the patriarchal practices and refused to live in a culture of silence . Naseem Shifaee is a powerful women voice acclaimed internationally with the publication of her first poetry collection Darichi Matsrith (windows thrown open) highlighted the existing reality of women in contemporary Kashmir. The paper will explore  the incongruity between the societal image of female poetic persona and her own instincts about her true nature .It will be argued how poetic persona is trapped in male allotted and confined space, persuaded to look at herself continually in terms of social conventions according to which women are denigrated by patriarchal supremacy .The bewildered state of mind leads her to undertake the obsessive search for her authentic self identity. She questions what if roles were reversed? In other two poems Naseem questions patriarchal traditions Naseem Shifaee assume the role of the medium in establishing female non being into self-realized person.



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