Green Shades of Feminity: An Ecofeministic Study of Selected Poems of Sugathakumari and Kamala Das


  • Midhuna M Suresh MA English Language and Literature, University of Kerala, Kerala, India
  • Sreejitha P S MA English and Comparative Literature, Pondicherry Central University, Pondicherry, India



Sugathakumari, Kamala Das, Eco feminism, Environment, Women, Poetry.


The discourse on feminism and ecology is familiar in literary studies as well as in socio-cultural scenario. But it seldom merged with each other-it has probably only been five decades since Indian literature has started discussing Eco feminism. Eco feminism, in short, blends the theories of feminism and ecology. This research paper critically analyses poems of the prolific Indian writers Sugathakumari and Kamala Das who always fought for upholding the women’s issues and conserving the nature. The paper aims to study their writings through the lenses of Ecofeminism, to treat them as their unabashed political commentaries on women and nature.


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