Nation and Narrative: A Study of Nuruddin Farah’s Maps


  • Amalu Anil Kumar Assistant Professor on Contract, Assumption College, Changanacherry, Kerala, India



Nation, Identity, Post-Colonialism, Construction, Agenda, Third World


The article entitled "Nation and Narrative: A Study of Nuruddin Farah's Maps" attempts a postcolonial reading of the text trying to froground the assertion of a national self. The manner in which literature offers itself as a powerful platform to assert national identity and the novel adroitly doing the same would serve as the main thrust areas. Elaborate study on the concept of nation as expounded by critics like Homi Bhaba , Benedict Anderson and the like would serve as the background of the analysis. The notion of national identity and the construction of an image of Somalia as attempted by the author stand as testimony to the same. The author trying to reiterate his lost national self and how he skillfully uses literature as its medium, as part of the postcolonial agenda, is the focus point of the article.


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