Celebrating ‘Indian's’ in Shashi Deshpande’s The Dark Holds No Terrors and The Roots and Shadows


  • K. Maheswari Ph.D. Research Scholar, Fatima College Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India




Feminism, Indian Culture, Society, Modernity, Caste.


The aim of this paper is an attempt that Indian cultural values should be revised meticulously and   accurately leaving behind western impact and the paper rides on a new pride, as a revival of inspiration, a recuperation from centuries of British domination of India in which Hindu dignity was systematically undermined through the Macaulay education system and the invasion of Mogul. Values are what human beings live by. The value-system of any given culture determines the sense of fulfillment and degree of happiness of its members. Indian value system had been misinterpreted from the point of view of the west and imposed  on the psyche of Indian women  through new education. The new education has gradually made her conscious of futility or emptiness of the various long-preserved notions and taboos about the woman, and she has started opposing and breaking them. And this crusade at times makes her feel alone  and alienated. Their conscious had been colonized according to the impact of western. Nevertheless, it is high time that contemporary Indian women are in position to realize their roots, meaning of life and great value system of India. Hence, tradition is the best of the past that has been carried forward for the future.


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