Spaces, Semantics, and ‘Aesthetic Faculty’: Perspectives on Their Operative Plane of Concurrence, Constitution and Becoming


  • Dhanesh M. Assistant Professor, English and Cultural Studies Department, Christ University Bangalore, India



Spaces, Semantics, Aesthetic Faculty, Appreciation


This paper aims to look at one of the fundamental factors of human beings—the appreciation of things. Calling it ‘the aesthetic faculty’ this paper tries to see how it is inevitable to the way human beings as a species function. This paper aims to propose this idea of an ‘aesthetic faculty’ as a potential basis for our community life in its diverse operations in terms of cultural spaces and their semantics. Viewing the socio-systemic life from the point of view from the aesthetic faculty reveals how appreciation and evaluation are inevitable to human life and how an ideological ground cannot actually affect life without addressing this basic human faculty. This paper tries to take the term ‘aesthetic’ vis-a-vis ‘appreciation’ to a different semantic world altogether so that it is no longer a matter of artistic engagements alone, but something more fundamental and formative than that.


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