Writing Anxiety and Writing Performance: A Descriptive-Correlational Study of Grade 11 Students at Centro Escolar Integrated School Malolos


  • Edilberto Calayag Cruz Al Musanna College of Technology, Oman
  • Dr. Aileen Butiu Tolentino University of Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Ms. Geoleen May Tolentino Ablaza La Consolacion University, Philippines




Writing Anxiety, Writing Performance, Grade 11 Students


Using the descriptive-correlational approach, the researchers sought to establish a connection between writing anxiety and writing performance of Grade 11 students at Centro Escolar Integrated School in Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines. The results showed that majority of the respondents experience a “moderate” level of psychological symptoms of anxiety while experiencing “lack of focus,” and “fear of failure” which has the highest weighted average of among ten symptoms. In addition, no correlation was established between writing performance based on grades and level of anxiety based on physical and psychological symptoms of the respondents.


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