Hard Times as a Reflection of Victorian Society


  • Vikash.S.




Charles Dickens, Hard Times, Social Discriminations, Victorian Era.


The present paper aims to show that Hard Times depicts the reality of social prejudice in Britain during the Victorian era. In Hard Times, Dickens provides a vision into the Victorian world. Since the novel written when European Industrialization was at its pinnacle it is studied here how education system, utilitarian philosophy became futile having no human concern. In conclusion society and individual’s role has been firmly contemplated. He takes on the role of a social critic, criticizes the industrial revolution in England and reveals among the most vital issues of the time the modernization of human beings, social discrimination, extinction of fancy as a significance of industrialization, and the unfair position of women. Hard Times reflects how English people and society suffered poverty, harassment, and injustice of the industrial era. Dickens clearly stated his hate towards the divorce law which remains a pleasure of the rich people.In novel the hard worker are simply named as "Hands" with no feeling, which shows that they are included uniquely as far as work, creation and assembling. Except that they are not human beings. The novel is an important criticism against the economic disparity of the age where the rich are extremely rich and the poor have abject poverty, they can’t even have a square meal. All the system is against the blue-collar workers.  The 'Hands' were constantly stifled by law, workers union and their employers. The novel is an excessive example of “attack on the utilitarian’ of the Victorian era, where emotions and feelings were not counted but only the working efficiency, facts, number and calculations were given more importance. The facts have substituted the love and feelings.


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Bachelor of Arts English 


K.R Mangalam University 

Haryana, India 



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