Optimistic Changes in the Characters of Shashi Deshpande’s in A Matter of Time


  • M. Saraswathy




Positive Thinking, Resilience, Re- Discover, Faith, Wisdom


Shashi Deshpande focuses the need of human beings of present generation to be optimistic in the fast moving planetary as human life across the world is turning bleak time and again. In modern society, people fail to train their minds to be positive, they intentionally or unintentionally give space for emotions and thoughts to torture their thoughts perhaps and that leads to mental illness and carries malicious reflection in individuals, families and societies. Shashi Deshpande does a complete analysis on the rational thinking process of human beings to create happiness and to experience the power of one’s creation in this cosmic. Through her characters, Shashi Deshpande makes the readers understand that to enhance and empower their role in life, they must learn to unlearn negative thoughts and fill their minds with positive thoughts.


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Author Biography

M. Saraswathy

Asst. Professor

Department of Humanities and Languages

Salem, Tamil Nadu, India


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