Sociolinguistics Study of Aravind Adiga’s White Tiger


  • Adhip Jain



Sociolinguistics, Colloquial, Dialect, Prestige, Register.


This paper comprises the sociolinguistic concepts which are hidden in the Aravind Adiga’s novel White Tiger. And it will let us know how Aravind Adiga managed to reach his audience effortlessly. Aravind Adiga is a Man Booker Prize Winner of 2008, for his debut novel ‘White Tiger’. White Tiger is the story of a common man, who manages to attain tremendous success, later starts working as an Entrepreneur. The protagonist, Balram Halwai, narrates this novel, he sends letters to Premier of China, who will soon be visiting India. Moreover, this novel comprises of sociolinguistic elements such as the names are mostly of Indian origin, prestige feature. Aravind Adiga is being chosen as a writer to be tested on sociolinguistic grounds because there is an apt amount of sociolinguistic elements (code switching, high prestige, low prestige, etc.) in his novels. Aravind Adiga reaches the reader's heart, by using appropriate language in the manner his target audience can understand. This paper also verifies the sociolinguistic impact on Aravind Adiga, in the midst of this we realise the importance of sociolinguistic theories. Society and culture play a vital role in our language acquisition, and it shapes our respective roles in society. Ultimately, this can let us know how language variation occurs and impacts the users. Language is like a river, it changes its directions with time, place, communities, etc, and certain meanings avert or change slightly from the original meanings.


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Author Biography

Adhip Jain

Research Scholar

Linguistics Department

Barkatullah University

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India


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