Unravelling the Queer Space: Understanding Sexuality through the Works of Janice Pariat


  • Neha Grace Sajan




Sexuality, Belief System, Homosexuality, Female Sexual Desire, Queerness And Feminist Politics, Queer Ecology.


The project entitled “Unravelling the queer space: Understanding sexuality through the works of Janice Pariat” to examine the elements of sexual being from a queer perspective. There is always a politics that happens within the space of one’s sexual and spiritual prominence. Thereby, a binary construction always happens and a stereotypical connotation happens for the same. Homosexuality is always subjected to suppression and non-normative within the society that upholds homophobia, heteronormativity and hetero-centrism. These are the results of the culturally imposed norms on the society. Understanding the deviance that happens in one’s sexuality is an important area of concern. Talking about these aspects free from bias and prejudice is the freedom that can be gained. Society always has a violent approach towards people who deviate from the accepted norms leading to marginalization. One of the important factors that sideline with this idea is the impact of religion on an individual. Spiritual space and belief system are induced right from the childhood. Religious texts clearly define sexualities that deviate from the expected norms as abnormal or a taboo. The study is to break down the binary existence of one’s sexual and spiritual space and how the deviance in sexualities pave way to attain a new spiritual growth.


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Author Biography

Neha Grace Sajan

Post- Graduate Student

Masters in English with Cultural Studies

CHRIST (Deemed to be University)

Bangalore, Karnataka, India


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