English Society in the 19th Century


  • Robin Paul




Society, Social Classes, Victorian, Revolution


Prior to examining an artistic work, it is important to make an examination about the period and society in which the essayist lived just as its people and their method for living, custom and laws so as to comprehend the author's reality view and prepare for a however investigation of his work. At that point in this theme we survey the authentic, social and true to life foundations of the novel under investigation as to look at the ways by which these might have affected the substance and type of the novel .We will manage English society in the nineteenth century concentrating on the public activity, economy and the situation of women in England, additionally, we will audit the essayist's life and works and talk about the hypothesis to be utilized for the examination study which is Feminism. The eighteenth and nineteenth century can be portrayed by the quantities of uprisings which were brought about by a social and political circumstance. These occasions began to decide individuals' emotions, their requirements and needs. Composing style turned out to be progressively enthusiastic and instinctual. It implies that the nineteenth century essayists re-established the Elizabethan's style in writing which was depicted by the ethical shows and love issues. Moreover, their imagination concentrated on the composition guns of medieval occasions. In this research paper, it is all about the English society, how about their social life and the treatment of women. It is from very ancient times that women are not respected and there are many instances for that as well.


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Author Biography

Robin Paul


Bachelor of Arts (H) English

K.R. Mangalam University

Gurgaon, Haryana, India


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