Theorising Material Ecocriticism: From Abstract to Concrete


  • Suhasini B. Srihari
  • Dr. D. Yogananda Rao



Matter, Narrative, Communication, Material and Representation


The material-turn in the millennial period brought in newer insights in the understanding of the relationship between the material and its users. It would be interesting to explore the trajectory from this point, for the New Materialism that came about was founded on drawing from multifarious disciplines – natural sciences, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, history, geology and cultural studies. Today, the theoretical framework of Ecocriticism has adopted several tenets of New Materialism and has evolved into ‘Material Ecocriticism’. The present paper aims to study the latest development of ecocriticism in association with materialism, while paying particular heed to how ‘matter’ plays a pivotal role in constructing and communicating narratives. The study also looks at reading matter as an active agent in propelling any alterations in our relationship with nature. Along with a quick rereading of William Blake’s selected poems, the study proceeds to highlight the importance of accurate interpretations that could bring about considerable changes in our attitudes toward the environment.


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Author Biographies

Suhasini B. Srihari

PhD Scholar


Jain deemed-to-be University Bangalore

Karnataka, India

Dr. D. Yogananda Rao

Asst. Prof., English

Jain Deemed-to-be University

Bangalore, Karnataka, India


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