Challenges of Teaching English in Engineering Institutions in Tamil Nadu - A Study


  • Kalaiyarasi Shanmugam
  • S.N. Jeevarathinam



Kaleidoscope, Collage, Discrimination, Untouchable


English is important because it has emerged as the global lingua franca for all types of transactions. It is the language of education, science, technology, business, industry, commerce, and the law, among other things. It serves as a link language in a country like Tamilnadu's multicultural and multilingual social setting, and it also has a strong association with higher education, career advancement, and global employability. Teaching English to students from various social and cultural backgrounds in engineering schools is a significant challenge for language teachers. Problems such as mother tongue interference, a lack of motivation to learn, and other sociolinguistic factors are examples of these. This paper focuses on the major issues that impede achieving the desired results in language classrooms, as well as the techniques that can be used to overcome them.


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Author Biographies

Kalaiyarasi Shanmugam


Department of English

Sri Venkatesvara Polytechnic College

Kaikuruchi, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India

S.N. Jeevarathinam

Guest Lecturer

Department of English

Bharathidasan University Model College

Aranthangi, Tamil Nadu, India


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