Utilizing Smartphones to Enhance Students ‘Learning of English Language


  • S. Subha
  • Dr S Diravidamani




English Language, Classroom, Smart phones, Learning


Technology plays a momentous role in almost all the fields mainly far –reaching in educational field. It provides creative freedom, endless resources and learning materials. In the current scenario, students engage themselves in the recent technological advancements which not only kill their time but also entertain them all the time. So, the Teachers can take up these technological tools in their hands to inculcate English language to the younger generation instead of following the traditional method of teaching. Now-a-days, Smart phones have reached all the hands in the world including the rural people and made everything easier. By using   smart phones effectively in Language classrooms, English language teachers can provoke interest among the non –native learners in learning English Language. Smart phone is a tool which presents visually attractive materials to the students that would be very much appealing to the second language learners. Through this, the four basic communication skills (LSRW Skills) of the second language learners can be enriched and refined .Thus, this paper predominantly focuses on the  pros and cons of using smart phones in learning English  based on the feedback  accrued  from the undergraduate students .


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Author Biographies

S. Subha

Research Scholar

Department of English

Periyar University College of Arts and Science

Mettur Dam, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

Dr S Diravidamani

Assistant Professor

Department of English

Periyar  University College of Arts and Science

Mettur Dam, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India





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