The Role of Technology for Language Teaching and Learning: An Evaluative Study


  • Dr Vadlamani Padma



Technology, Efficacious, Precipitously, Integrate.


The primary objective of this paper is to  examine the role of technology for language teaching. It focusses to make English language teachers cognizant of the techniques to implement appropriately. Technology plays an essential role in teaching of English. It helps in giving a practical method to a resource.  Technology when  perfectly incorporated enriches  the objectives of learning. Efficacious integration of technology is fruitful when students can select them to acquire information in a judicious manner, examine and combine the information, and present it professionally There is a significant development in the  teaching of  English language methodology  with the application of new technology. Technology is unceasingly, and precipitously, growing.  To maximise progressive language learning outcomes, student-teacher platforms are created extensively. Accordingly, the present English language teachers now  actively integrate different technological aids devised to help  the best possible teaching approaches.


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Author Biography

Dr Vadlamani Padma

Assistant Professor of English

Anurag University

Hyderabad, India


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