Protruding the Viable Instinct of Women in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Novel Before We Visit the Goddess


  • B. Shiyamala



Survival Instinct, Rights, Choice, Linearity, Premeditation, Phenomenal Exertion.


According to some rational research, women’s instinct is tuned with more affirmative determination and fortitude. In her article Cari Romm quoted from the online forum Medical Daily which stated that, “Women, traditionally entrusted with child care, evolved to have stronger, more accurate instincts so as to better protect their offspring from any potential threats”. When human instinct leads to greater evolution and becomes a choice to exercise still people particularly women allow its suspension in the long run. This dormancy is elicited by circumstantial gender role and the absence of prospects. The great Indian-American author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s novel Before We Visit the Goddess redoubles the feasible ability of women and the demand for exercising their will to excogitate their life. Her novel Before We Visit the Goddess is published in the year of 2017 which proposes the journey of three women who belong to three generations and their phenomenal exertion to give meaning and identity to their life. The three women are Sabitri, Bela and Tara (Mother, Daughter and Granddaughter) exchange a deep bond in spite of their aloofness. They have been discovered to all kind of nippy and sultry emotions. As they start to afford their emotions, it leads to many convulsions as well as idyllic outcomes. Thus, the author wants to empower women to use their instincts for higher purpose rather being an accustomed mortal of linearity.


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Author Biography

B. Shiyamala

Research Scholar

Periyar University College of Arts & Science

Mettur, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India


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